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Are you looking to replace that old worn out heating system, wood, pellet or gas stove or fireplace?  Or are you looking to add another source of warmth to your home?

  With an in-depth evaluation of your home and your comfort needs we'll find the best system to meet both your needs and budget.

  Professional and skilled installation of top of the line products for:

  • Heat pumps (ducted and ductless).

  • Wood, pellet and gas stoves and fireplaces.

  • Air filtration and purification.

  • Factory build chimney and stove pipe.

  • Gas piping for first time installs or modification of existing plumbing.

  • Duct work and duct insulation.

  All installations are backed by our 3 year workmanship guarantee

Repair and Maintenance

  When your system isn’t working the way it should, a thorough diagnostic test is performed to find the cause. Then problem components are replaced, the equipment is deep cleaned, oiled and brought up to manufacturer's specifications to ensure maximum performance.

   Annual and seasonal maintenance is the best way to prevent or predict a major break down and keep your heating system working year round.

  It's a lot more than a filter change!

  All service work and maintenance calls are backed by a 6 month service warranty!

  What equipment do we service?

  • Central and ductless heat pumps.

  • Gas furnaces and boilers.

  • Wood, pellet and gas stoves and fireplaces.

  • Electric furnaces and boilers.

  • And yes, we even work on oil furnaces and boilers too!

Chimney Sweeping

   Keep your wood stove or fireplace burning bright warm and safe.

  A clogged chimney results in smoke bellowing into the house every time open the door, poor burn creating little to no heat and most dangerous Chimney Fires.

  Every year people all across America lose their homes because of chimney fires.  Chimney sweeping isn't just pushing a broom down or in some cases up a chimney, it's in-depth inspections of the terracotta or stainless steel liner for damage.  It's knowing how to remove creosote safely and effectively and keeping the fireplace or stove clean to prevent chimney fires.

  All chimney sweepings involve a level 2 inspection of the chimney, all problems and solutions are discussed with you.

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