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Tofino Gas Inserts and Fireplace

Experience the ultimate in comfort and warmth with the Pacific Energy Gas Collection. Superbly engineered for performance and efficiency, the Pacific Energy gas collection has a perfect solution for your home.

Standard Features of the

Tofino Inserts and Fireplace

  • Remote Control

  • Manual Control

  • Automatic Pilot

  • Full flames

  • Integrated micro-mesh safety screen

  • Split – Flow Burner

  • Interior Lightin

  • Built-in Blower

Tofino I 20

   Technical Specifications:

  • BTU Input NG 20,000 BTU

  • BTU Input LP  20,000 BTU

  • Efficiency NG 72.8%

  • Efficiency LP 72.8%

Tofino I20.png
Design Options
Modern Brushed Nickel
Artisan Brushed Nickel
Artisan Black
Modern Black

Tofino I 30

   Technical Specifications:

  • BTU Input NG 30,000 BTU

  • BTU Input LP  30,000 BTU

  • Efficiency NG 74.1%

  • Efficiency LP 74.1%

Firebox Panels
Decorative Fronts
Black Glass
Grey Fluted
Red Brick
Ledgestone Brick
Burner Designs
Driftwood Log Set
(Only Available for the I 20)
Black Glass
Split Log Set
Twilight Glass

Tofino I 40

   Technical Specifications:

  • BTU Input NG 40,000 BTU

  • BTU Input LP  35,000 BTU

  • Efficiency NG 77.6%

  • Efficiency LP 78.5%

Tofino Z35 Fireplace

Tofino Z35.png

   Technical Specifications:

  • BTU Input NG 35,000 BTU

  • BTU Input LP  26,000 BTU

  • Efficiency NG 72.1%

  • Efficiency LP 70.9%