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Heating & Cooling

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Vista Ceiling Cassette

   No room no the wall or don't want to see something hanging on the wall? A ceiling cassette fits between the ceiling frames in most homes, and the grill plate flush against the ceiling material.
Emura Silver.png
   Offering smart technology within a sleek curved silhouette the Emura wall mount unit creates a sophisticated climate control solution for contemporary homes.

Emura Wall Mount Unit

Wall mounts.png
    Offering a low cost comfort control solution with flexibility in wall placement, a wall mounted unit provides ample heating power for a single room or an entire home.

Wall Mounted Units

Floor Mounted Unit

Floor mount.png
    Designed to be installed in various configurations the air distribution pattern of the floor mounted unit  makes an excellent alternative to wall mounted units for any space.

The Heat pump

Uotdoor unit.png
   The heart  of any single or
multi split system,
when sized correctly the
heat pump can provide plenty
of heating power for a single
room or an entire house
while saving you 30% or more
on your heating bill.
Series models efficiencies range from 17 SEER, 9.0 HSPF to
24.5 SEER, 12.5 HSPF
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