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Heating & Cooling

Thank Goodness For Goodman
    One of the biggest names in home comfort, Goodman uses only the most durable and energy efficient materials and components.So when the cold moves in Goodman brings the heat Upgrade that old heating system with Goodman high efficiency gas furnace or heat pump and find out why people all over are saying

Thank Goodness for Goodman.

Features of Power and Efficiency

ECM blower motor for steady, energy efficient air flow. Factory installed and calibrated TXV metering valve controlling the refrigerant flow ensuring correct operation.

The all Aluminium indoor coil transfers heat more effectively than a copper/aluminium coil. A cabinet air leakage less than 2% for best system efficiency.

Goodman AVPTC.png
Looking For Natural Gas or Propane?

What Makes Goodman So Good

  • Heavy-duty aluminized-steel tubular heat exchanger

  • Efficient and quiet variable-speed Blower

  • Stainless-steel sloped secondary heat exchanger

  • Self-calibrating modulating gas valve

  • Airflow system gently ramps up or down according to heating or cooling demand and provides better comfort

The Daikin VRV IV-S series
​   These heat pumps use a variable speed compressor along with variable refrigerant temperature technology to provide enormous power with high efficiency packed in the smallest footprint possible.  With long life spans  Perfect for replacing that worn out heat pump, first time installations and new construction.
The VRV Advantage
5 Ton
3 Ton and
4 Ton
​The VRV IV-S, with a greater

power to heat ratio over

traditional run-stop heat

pumps, saves more money

during warmer days when

the demand for heat is lower;

and provides greater heating

power during colder days

when the demand for

heat is higher.

Delivering the Power into the Home

​The FXTQ air handlers deliver superior heating power into the home. With the heat shedding properties of an all Aluminium coil and the power sipping variable speed ECM fan motor; the FXTQ completes the high efficiency VRV IV-S system. The versatile and space saving design makes it the ideal for any installation requirement.
Goodman Logo.png
What's inside the box?

   An external expansion valve paired with condenser coils made with smaller copper tubing and larger aluminium fins increases  the efficiency of the heat pump.

   An energy efficient two stage compressor runs in the fist stage during warmer times  this acts like a smaller heat pump, allowing it to match the heating needs and prevent wear and tear break-downs. When the home needs more heat, second stage kicks in to reduce the need for larger electric heat kits.

Goodman GSZ.png
Daikin VRT.png
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