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Sales, Service, Installation, and repair of Residential and Commercial Heating and cooling systems, Serving Clallam, Jefferson & Kitsap Counties WA

  • Central, ductless and heat pumps.

  • Gas furnaces and boilers.

  • Wood, pellet, gas stoves and fireplaces.

  • Electric furnaces and boilers.

  • Air filtration and purification.

  • Oil furnaces and boilers too!


Strait Comfort Systems is a Veteran owned and operated full-service company with over 15 years of experience serving our

fellow residents on the Olympic Peninsula.

Chimney Sweeping

 Keep your wood stove or fireplace burning bright warm and safe.


A clogged chimney results in excess smoke, poor burn which reduces heat, and increases chimney fire risk. All  while increasing your carbon footprint and consuming more of your valuable fuel.

Our chimney sweeping involves in-depth inspection and cleaning of the whole system to both restore your system to a safe efficient and environmentally friendly operation and insure there are no hidden problems.

Repair and Maintenance

It's a lot more than a filter change!

Annual and seasonal maintenance is the best way to prevent or predict a major break down and keep your heating system working year round.

When there is a problem, we perform a thorough diagnostic test and full inspection to find the cause and fix the problem to return your system to manufacturer's specifications, ensuring maximum performance.

  Ask about our 6 month

service warranty!


Time to replace that old heating system, wood, pellet or gas stove or update the fireplace?  Need another source of warmth? Let us perform an in-depth evaluation of your home and your comfort needs to help you chose the best system for you.

Professional installation of:

  • Heat pumps (ducted and ductless).

  • Wood, pellet gas stoves and fireplaces.

  • Air filtration and purification.

  • Factory build chimney and stove pipe.

  • Gas piping system install and retrofit.

  • Duct work and duct insulation.

Ask about our 3 year workmanship guarantee


Get in a little DIY trouble?

We can help.


Air  Filtration & Purification


Chimney Systems

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